Science Events

Events are actions the User does that are collected by Discord. More information on tracking and collection here.

This gives a non-thorough list of Event objects.

If an event "contains properties" it is assumed that the Event object contains an extra properties field pointing to a Properties object.

Always assume TrackingProperties is included.

Properties object

Fields are inconsistent and optional across events. Given *Property "objects" are fields that may or may not be present in a Properties object.


field type description
client_send_timestamp unix timestamp assumed to be when client sent event
client_track_timestamp unix timestamp assumed to be when the event happened
client_uuid base64 of a uuid? client identifier


field type description
channel_hidden boolean if the channel is muted (???)
channel_id snowflake channel the user is in
channel_member_perms permission bit set (integer) the user permissions in the channel
channel_size_total integer ???
channel_type integer, channel type channel type (text, voice, etc)


field type description
guild_id snowflake guild identifier
guild_is_vip boolean if the guild is a VIP guild
guild_member_num_roles integer how many roles the user has in the guild
guild_member_perms permission bit set (integer) the user permissions in the guild
guild_num_channels integer amount of channels in the guild
guild_num_roles integer amount of roles in the guild
guild_num_text_channels integer amount of text channels in the guild
guild_num_voice_channels integer amount of voice channels in the guild
guild_size_total integer amount of members in the guild


field type description
num_users_visible integer amount of users the current user saw in the list
num_users_visible_with_mobile_indicator integer self explanatory


field type description
game_ids list of snowflakes game ids
load_id uuid as its formal representation (incl. hyphens) ???
num_cards integer number of game cards in activity
num_cards_game_news integer number of game cards showing game news
num_cards_game_playable integer number of cards user can play
num_cards_visible integer number of cards user views when looking at activity
num_game_parties integer ???
num_game_parties_collapsed integer ???
num_game_parties_recently_played integer ???
num_game_parties_rich_presence integer ???
num_game_parties_solo integer ???
num_game_parties_voice integer ???
num_launcher_applications integer ???
num_users_subscribed integer ???


field type description
game_ids_viewed list of snowflakes game ids the user viewed while in activity
load_id uuid as its formal representation (incl. hyphens) ???
num_cards_total integer number of game cards in activity
num_cards_viewed integer number of cards user saw while in activity
num_games_total integer number of games seen in activity
seconds_spent integer amount of seconds spent in activity view
store_application_ids_viewed list of snowflakes application ids the user viewed
store_sku_ids_viewed list of snowflakes skus the user viewed
  • SKUs can be thought of as discord Store entries (Stock Keeping Unit).


field type description
window_height integer client window height in pixels
window_width integer client window width in pixels

Event types


Sent when the currently authenticated User sees a newly generated member list in a guild. Contains ChannelProperties, GuildProperties and ListProperties.


Sent when the current User acknowledged the messages in a channel. Contains ChannelProperties, optional GuildProperties.


Sent when the current User views the Direct Messages they currently have. Contains ChannelProperties (for the current opened DM) and ListProperties.


Sent when the current User opens a channel. Can be a Guild Text Channel or a DM channel. Contains ChannelProperties.


Related to client startup? Definitely related to the Activity view. Contains ActivityProperties, WindowProperties.


Sent when the user leaves the Activity view. Contains ActivityCloseProperties.


Sent when the user opens any kind of popout (such as when adding a new member to a group DM). Contains ChannelProperties, plus some fields:

field type description
is_friend boolean if the dm you're on represents a friend dm
source string source of the popout, known value is "DM"
type string type of the popout, known value is "Add Friends to DM"